CNA Classes in Charlotte NC

CNA, or certified nursing assistant, classes in Charlotte NC are growing in number and quality.  Because it is such a large state with a high population, it can be a great place to look for work and be able to move from city to city within the area.  Unfortunately, attempting to go outside the bounds of the state and work will require an extra test for the state in which the working nurse wants to go.

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Generally divided into two subsections, the CNA classes are either theoretical or practical.  With the theoretical class, trainees will learn about which types of medicine treat illnesses, how nurses should handle emergency situations, and general conduct in office and working environments.  For the practical side of it, those who are receiving training will get hands-on experience in controlled environments in order to practice responses that may save the lives of people they are working with in the future.  

Image result for cna classesMixed between these sides are the major components every certified nursing assistant needs to know, including general nursing skills, infection control, emergency care, patient’s rights, diagnostic skills, communication skills, and restorative care.  On the side of theoretical training, the tests require the trainees to score high enough by marking or writing correct answers on a written test, while the practical side will have a test giver ask them to perform random tasks applicable to the field to which they are applying.  

In addition to these tests, the trainee must complete at least 75 hours of training in order to pass the CNA certification.  Those interested in something called “express CNA training” which allows those wanting to pass the test within a day of hands-on training should see if it is available in their area.  This is a high quality class and has very good statistics in terms of those that have taken their training and passed their exam within a few tries afterwards.  Along with this training, trainees receive a book of information that allows them to study on their own, but the class gives them practical lessons that are valuable, too.

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